Tuesday, July 11, 2006

These Things Happen

I've been away from the old blog for a while now.

My kids just left with STBEW to visit Lt. Trouble in Las Vegas.

Well, not just left. Their flight took off at 8:35 pm. 25 minutes late, due to thunderstorms in the area. About 2 hours ago.

And, of course, having my kids fly out when there's severe thunderstorms in the area doesn't worry me one bit.

So, for the past week or so, my attention's been solely on them. Blogging took a back seat, as did most other non-money-making activities, so that I could spend as much time with my kids as possible.

Not that I'll miss them, or anything.

So, I figured I'd come home and follow their flight online, with a flight-tracking website. But my internet connection's dead. Hm. And there's no cable. Hmmm. Which means that my internet phone's out. And I don't have a cel phone. Damn thunderstorm.

I wait a while to see if it comes back, and it doesn't, so I figure I'll go find a cel phone and call the El-Tee, just to let him know they got off safe (assuming they did--I'm not worried). I grab my keys, and head out the door, thinking I'll just drive to a store a couple of blocks away to make the call.

I admire good parking jobs. When someone parks their car completely parallel to the curb, and only an inch or two away, with the front wheels turned slightly towards the curb (in case it's hit from behind, it won't head into traffic). It's a sign of a good driver when the car's parked that way.

Of course, with that much attention to detail you would have thought the asshole would have seen he was parking in front of my driveway.

Seriously, it was a perfect job. So perfect, that I wonder if it wasn't put there deliberately. One car length further, and it would have been fine.

Now I'm without phone, internet, or transportation. I jot down the license plate number, and walk down the block to the intersection. There's a dive bar about 100 yards to the north, and another dive bar about 100 yards to the south. I figure one of them (or both) still have a pay phone. I call the El-Tee, tell him the phone may be down, but try nonetheless. Then I call the cable company, and get a recording saying they know the cable's down and will have it back on soon.

Then I call 911 about the car. I really didn't want to, but no one on my block seemed to know anything about it. While I'm on the phone, a fight breaks out between a whole bunch of women. Something about a car.

I'm not gonna tell them I think I know where it is.

It's just turned midnight. Right now, my kids are about to fly over Steele City, Nebraska. The car's been towed. I'm debating watching the entire flight, but I know that's really silly. I need my sleep.

Maybe I'll just watch until they head into Kansas Airspace.

It's gonna be an interesting eleven days.



Blogger Jessica said...

What a set of inconveniences. I hope you get to enjoy the time to yourself.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

girl fight

you'll be fine papi
get some rest

6:02 PM  
Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

My pirate friend is vexed.

Just remember to keep breathing. won't do nobody any good if you pass out.

I will never do a perfect parallel park across your driveway. On your lawn maybe...haha!

11:58 PM  

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