Monday, January 07, 2008

Here We Go...

You can't make every game a life-or-death situation. For one thing, you'll be dead a lot.
The Steelers lost this weekend. I've discovered that how well my life is going is in direct proportion to my reaction to these losses. The better I'm doing, the less important is the result of the game.

I've also discovered that I can control this, which is something new. At least, it's new to me. In other words, even if there's a whole bunch of crap going on in my life, I can still choose how I react to it. So, if I can handle the big and little crises that make up my life, the outcome of a game played by people who don't know me and have no interest in my life, and played several hundred miles away from me, should have no real impact on my emotional well-being at all, right?


Well, sorta. But surprisingly little. And that's a good thing.

And another thing...

I mentioned a few years ago that I'm not the sort of fan that is so rabid that my fandom takes over my decorating choices. But my brother is. We went cross-state this weekend for a visit, and so I thought I'd share a few pictures of his living room:

The 'drapes' are actually shower curtains, since for some reason, they don't make drapes with Steeler logos on them. I can't for the life of my understand why not. The two non-Steeler pillows are the same material as he used on his desk chair.

See the cabinet in the corner? Filled with Steeler memorabilia and tchotchkes dating back to the mid 1970's. Included in there are DVD copies of all six Super Bowl games, plus an honest-to-goodness record (you know, the ol' 33 and 1/3 rpm jobber) of the radio broadcast of their first Super Bowl victory, in 1975.

Above the TV (which is one of those 50- something -inch HDTV jobbers--but not a plasma screen--he doesn't trust them), more stuff, including his license plates. We live in state that requires both front and rear license plates. Why in the hell did he buy three license plates he couldn't put on his car? I guess for the same reason he bought a fleece throw he won't put on his couch.

And a flag he won't fly outdoors. Those two felt banners, by the way, are originals, too. From the mid 1970's. There's two more over to the left that I didn't get in the shot, also from the same era. I suppose that if he ever wants to buy a new car, he could just put those up for sale on ebay.

So, there is little joy in Mudville, or at least that small part of it that resides in my brother's living room. I'm not sure why he has all this stuff up, other than for some reason, he needs to feel that connection to something outside of himself. I guess I don't understand it.

In other news. I'm putting away my collection of 75 Santas and 34 nutcrackers tonight.

Why are you laughing?



Blogger Guy Wonders said...

Man, that's devotion - a quality that's impressive by itself. I'm also gonna guess that he's not married, or perhaps has a very supportive, Steeler fan spouse. . . .

6:44 PM  
Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Married, with three daughters, the middle one being as rabid a fan as he is. When they're doing well, she has a habit of offering to bear the children of several of the players. Apparently, she owes an entire brood to the placekicker alone.

His wife, by the way, sits there wearing her Troy Polamalu football jersey, and does Sudoku.

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, I guess.


9:23 PM  
Blogger Olly said...

Wow, I wrongly guessed he was a single guy, too. I never understood the "devoted fan". Never will. But hey, good to have hobbies, I guess...

11:49 PM  
Blogger terry said...

i'm laughing because i couldn't imagine him being married, either... !

then again, my mom would probably have liked to decorate a room in green bay packer chic, so what do i know?

2:19 AM  
Blogger Jay Cam said...

75 santas?
is that an obsession or a really odd collection?
: )

5:31 PM  
Blogger Miss 1999 said...

Ok, yes, I am laughing-- I can't help it-- he's as obsessed with football, as I am with cows! :0)

11:47 PM  
Blogger United We Lay said...

At 3 months old my grandparents got my son an entire Steelers outfit complete with hat and socks. My dad's from the Burgh.

7:09 AM  
Blogger GC said...

how's the police cruiser?
How are the kids?
How's the dating scene?
How's everything?
Where the heck are ya?

2:33 PM  

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