Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lieutenant Trouble Comes home.

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I suppose it should be "Lieutenant Trouble Came Home," since he's already come and gone, but I just can't write a headline in the past tense.

Yup. He's back from Iraq in one piece and just as ornery as ever. In fact, he's been back to his home base in Nevada, got a house, moved in, come back to visit, and left for a few more days at his old college stompin' grounds (where his sweetie still has half a semester to go before graduation).

It was great to see him and his girlfriend (who went out to Nevada and set up house with him), and a little bit disconcerting as well--and not just because of his choice of off-duty headgear.* He's just so damn grown up.

Yeah, I know I saw him in Nevada, getting saluted and all that, but he's different. And it's not just because he's spend 193 days** in the desert. Even his sweet girlfriend is different.

Every time she comes to visit, she and my daughter go up to her room and play with dolls. For hours at a time. It's one of her endearing traits--the child-like, wide-eyed innocence. But there's more to her as well. For the first time, I see some steel behind the fluffy bunny exterior. She has a business idea that I think is quite brilliant. It's going to take a lot of work, and quite a bit of capital, but it could pay off handsomely. The only problem is that it would require her to live in England for several years.

Meanwhile, the good Lt. is weighing his options. It appears that one potential future path would take him to Korea for a year, and then to Northern California for several years. At the end of this time, he would be a specialist in an area of great need to national security, and after his service, he would probably be able to write his own ticket. ***

So there they are: two kids in love, with paths that may diverge wildly in a few short months. But for now, they aren't worrying about any of that. She's finishing up her classes, he'll soon be back at his post, doing something he can't tell me about.**** After she graduates, she'll move out there with him, and they'll play house for a while, until something gives. A career, a dream, a courtship. Pick two.

Whatever happens, it will be fine.

I couldn't be prouder. Of either of them.


*Actually, it's his baby sister's, from the St. Patrick's day parade. Hope this display of crossdressing doesn't violate any 'don't ask, don't tell' statutes.

**Yes he counted. And I did too.

***DISCLAIMER: I know very little about business, but my knowledge of that area dwarfs my knowledge of military and security issues. I merely go by what they tell me, and from what small contact I have had with his commanders and contemporaries.

****All he's told me is that if I looked for it on Google Earth, I would not be able to find it.


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Blogger Notsocranky Yankee said...

Cool. Glad he is back!

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Blogger Colleen said...

very good
glad he's home
happy to see you so proud

and just happy in general now that i've read this post

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Blogger mal said...

it is good he is home *S*

He sounds like a large case of pride for the "Old Man"

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